логотип OOO Лидер-Плюс, производства фаркопов
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LeaderPLUS is a reliable manufacturer of tow bars! That is
why our products are in great demand and an optimal ratio of
price and quality.

The main types of towbars


The towbar with ball type F
The towbar with ball type FC
The towbar with ball type A



Leader Plus — towbar for your car

Leader Plus is a high tech innovational company specialized on development and production of automobile accessories and additional equipment.

The main product of our manufacturing enterprise is tow bars. Our company has become the first company in the South of Russia which carries out a total cycle of manufacturing tow bars beginning from designing to production of accessories and packaging. From the moment of its foundation Leader Plus has leading positions among the  manufacturers of tow bars in Russia.

We treat responsibly everything that is connected with the processes of development, production, distribution and logistics of products. Our company has such principles as individualized attitude to partners orienting on long term prospects of efficient business communications.

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The main types of balls used in the production

A ball for the tow bar of Type AE SH02AE
A ball for the tow bar of Type AE SH02AE

A ball for the tow bar of Type AE SH02AE

  • Recommended
    horizontal load is 1500 kg
    vertical load is 75 kg
  • has a flange mounting with two bolts
  • used in tow bars if it is necessary to understate a ball joint